Video Glossery

The following videos introduce some of the most common canine conditions which can benefit from our hydrotherapy treatment. Courtesy of Vetstoria - special thanks to Julien Poublon.


Chronic Degenerative Radiculo Myelopathy (CDRM) has been described as the most common cause of progressive hind limb dysfunction in older German Shepherd Dogs. This video provides information about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of that dreadful condition.

Cruciate Ligament

Lameness in the hind leg is the most common sign of cruciate ligament injury. The animal may be unable to bear its weight or may limp. The lameness occurs immediately after the injury and may subside after several weeks but is likely to return. Large breed dogs such as Rottweilers or the very excitable ones such as Border Collies do suffer commonly from that disease.

Hip Dysplasia

The situation with hip dysplasia is quite different and it results from the abnormal development of the joint in the young dog. The most important change is that the bones are not held in place but actually move apart. As this happens, the articular surfaces of the 2 bones lose contact with each other. This brings instability to the joint. The instability in the hip is going to trigger a degeneration of the joint. This process is better known as arthritis.